Partner with IYE Investigations

Collaborative partnerships

IYE partner with organisations to develop new or to strengthen existing fraud prevention or resolution capabilities.

Partnership examples include

  • assisting asset recovery investigations
  • financial misstatement
  • bribery, corruption or embezzlement
  • pre-investment verification
  • bank instrument verification (MTN, BG, SBLC)
  • intelligence-led AML
  • fraud detection models
  • post judgement enforcement

Affiliate programme

IYE deliver unparalleled solutions to recover funds lost to fraud and scams.
Our affiliate programme allows you to be rewarded for introducing our services to qualifying clients.

  • Located internationally, our affiliates include networkers, social media influencers, businesses, fraud reporting websites and private investigators.
  • We pay affiliates a fee upon successful client engagement and a percentage of funds recovered.

Partnership and affiliate enquiries


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